Importing Performers

Information for sponsors of non-New Zealand entertainers and performers

Importing performers

All overseas entertainers and performing artists (except Australian citizens or residents who are able to work in NZ without a visa) who intend to engage in any form of private or public performance in NZ or work on any film, television or video production in NZ must apply for a work visa to Immigration New Zealand either in a NZ office, or through the nearest embassy or High Commission.

The Entertainers Work Visa is the correct visa for all overseas entertainers, performing artists, film and video production crew, and associated support personnel, who intend to engage in any form of private or public performance in NZ or work on any film, television or video production in NZ . You can read more about this Visa here.

As part of this process the employer/production company/promoter must submit, at least at the time the application is made to Immigration NZ, the Supplementary Form INZ 1187 (Sections K-M) for Performing Artists, Entertainers and Entertainment Industry Personnel Work Visa Application to the appropriate union, guild or professional association. You may also need to provide additional information to enable the relevant organisation to assess whether a NZ worker is put at risk by the engagement of an overseas worker.

You do NOT need a Letter of Non-Objection, if:

  • the company employing or engaging the worker has entertainment industry accreditation;
  • the worker will be in the country for 14 days or less; or
  • the worker will be engaged on an official co-production.

NOTE: If you are overseas, your application must be made and approved before you travel to NZ.

Is Equity New Zealand the appropriate union for your application?

Equity New Zealand is the appropriate union with regards to all performing artists (except for performers who solely play musical instruments and their support personnel) including:

  • singers
  • singer/musicians
  • actors
  • stunt performers
  • puppeteers
  • dancers
  • models
  • any performer appearing on screen
  • comedians
  • magicians
  • support personnel for live performance (except for support personnel for performers who solely play musical instruments).

How do I apply for a letter of non-objection?

To find out about applying for Letters of Non-Objection for all types of performing artists, read these guidelines.
When you have read the guidelines, please fill out the Application for Letter of Non-Objection Form and send it to .

Letter of non-objection for other professions:

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