Have your say on the Screen Industry Workers Bill

Posted: April 22, 2020Category: Uncategorized


The Screen Industry Workers Bill is going through parliament right now and the public are invited to make submissions. If it passes workers in our industry will still be independent contractors but they:

  • will be protected from bullying, harassment or discrimination on the job
  • can negotiate collectively for industry-wide or occupational level minimum working conditions and pay rates
  • can negotiate collectively above those minimums on specific projects or programmes for pay and conditions that are even better than the industry wide or occupation-wide collective contract.



You should make a submission because you are an expert at what you do and politicians who make the law are not - they don’t know what it is like to make a living as a creative in NZ and you need to explain it to them.

Here are some documents to help you out -  a briefing paper to explain the bill and two different templates you can use to write your submission.

Briefing about the SIWB

EASY Submission Template SIWB

DETAILED Submission template SIWB (1)


Making a submission is pretty straight forward. Join one of our zoom coaching sessions where Equity NZ will talk you through the process of writing one (see Facebook for details).

When you make a submission your participation strengthens our democracy.  When you have your say and add your experience to the mix politicians can have a more informed debate – and that means the laws they make for all of us are more robust.  




When you make a submission you add your personal industry experiences to the discussion so politicians can make a more informed decision.  They need to understand how this law change will affect your everyday life and your career.



You can make your submission online on the parliament website by following this link:


Or you can be old school and post TWO hard copies to the Clerk of the Education and Workforce Select Committee, Select Committee Services, Parliament buildings, Wellington 6160 – remember, you’ll need to send two copies of your submission if you’re doing it this way.